Dal Shabet's Ji Yul wants to visit Farmers’ Market in Cubao!

Dal Shabet's Serri, Ah Young, Ji Yul, Woo Hee, Ga Eun and Subin made themselves available for the KPop Republic 2013 Press Conference yesterday.

On the press conference, Dal Shabet said that it's their 2nd visit in the Philippines. They already went to Cebu to take some pictures. 

As a follow up, they were asked on what Philippines' tourist spot they want to visit. Ji Yul answered, "I have two Filipino friends. They told me you (I) have to go to Farmers’ Market, Cubao. They said if I go to Farmers’Market, I can feel the Philippines. Is that right? Is my friend wrong? Sorry. His name is Ken. Ken, are you here? (laughs)"

The next question was about their favorite Dal Shabet’s song/s and why they like it. Subin said, "I like Supa Dupa Diva, from the first album.", Serri chose Hit U, Woo Hee's favorite is Mr. Bang Bang, Ga Eun prefered To Be or Not to Be, and Ji Yul  explained, "I like Hit U because in the music video I was shooting a gun. That was really hard."

The host asked Dal Shabet on their special preparations they went through for ‘Be Ambitious’. Ji Yul answered, "Maybe, our performance. Our dance is very special. Our skirt is like this (shows the audience) It was hard the first time, so during dancing and singing we would be like “Oh god!” Dancing was really hard."

"Being idols, do you have artists that you look up to or consider your idols?" was the next question asked. The answers were:
Subin: I like Beyonce so much.
Ah Young: Dal Shabet? Sorry. (laughs)
Ji Yul: I like the Spice Girls
Serri: Britney Spears
Woo Hee: I love Rihanna
Ga Eun: I love… Dal Shabet too.

Before ending the interview, they were requested to give a message for their Filipino fans. Ji Yul spoke in the behalf the group:
"Thank you for inviting us, and thank you for loving us, Dal shabet. I love the Philippines. I don’t want to go back (t/n: She wants to stay here.) All of us want to keep in touch on SNS. Send, SNS! Yes! (laughs) Is it right? Mahal kita? Thank you! Salamat po!"

written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.net
SOURCE: pkci.org