BTS' Rap Monster and Jimin show a the-show-must-go-on attitude after going almost shirtless!

After the dance practice video of their concept trailer was featured, BTS (Bangtan Boys) already fired up the dance floor with their performance. They released a performance video of the said concept trailer plus their comeback single, 'N.O' .

In the video, they opened with a very intense concept trailer. They moved fiercely that is suitable with the kind of beat they used. All were screaming until their lungs were almost out, but these really did came out, at least figuratively, when Rap Monster and Jimin almost quite ripped off their shirts accidentally! It was obvious that it was beyond and unexpected to what they had practiced, the two boys still managed to dance. What a show-must-go-on attitude. Indeed, that's an additional handsome point to Rap Monster and Jimin.

After that, they entertained the audience with the performance of 'N.O'.

Just like in our lives, many things happened unexpectedly. However, it doesn't matter whether the unforeseen event is a positive one or the other because what is important in life is our ability to cope up with those, and to continue living. 

Lesson: When some things rip off in your life, move! 

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