B2ST holds first ever concert in Busan

B2ST successfully concluded their very first concert in Busan province.

On September 28, B2ST held its ‘2013 Beautiful Show in Busan’ at the Busan BEXCO with approximately 6,000 fans in attendance. The group opened up the show with a band version of “Black Paradise” and started heating up the stage with their performance.

During the show, B2ST greeted their fans in Busan dialect. Dongwoon said, “Busan is my hometown, so being able to perform here makes me very happy. I don’t know what took us so long to get here, but it’s great to be here.”

B2ST performed hit songs “Shadow”, “Beautiful Night” and more which was passionately followed by 6,000 fans’ cheers.

Lee KiKwang said, “This show felt like a dream. We had an amazing time, and I want to thank the B2UTIES for filling in the seats.”