Areum expresses her support for T-ara’s comeback

With T-ara having announced its upcoming comeback, former T-ara’s member Areum expressed her full support for the group.

Recently, Areum posted on her Instagram, “My unnies are finally coming out again. I really miss you guys! This time it’s a really big opportunity! Don’t miss it! Let’s show everyone this time!! This will become a big hit!!”

She also expressed her great love for the group saying, “Unnies! I really miss you! Even though we don’t get to contact each other, I’m always thinking about you and worrying about you. Whenever someone bothers you and annoys you, I get angry too. It’s just since there’s been odd nights when I think about our past memories, I want you to know how I feel.”

Areum concluded with cheering message for the leader and the group, “Qri unnie fighting! To other unnies too! Don’t feel down, enjoy the music and let’s start to face the challenges from the skies. We have to get stronger! It’s all or nothing in life, righ? We will beat them all! Aja! Be cool! T-ara is the best!”

Credits: tiaradiadem