AA reveals the meaning of number ‘22’ in stage outfits

The number ‘22’ in AA’s stage outfits for “OK About It” performances is currently becoming a hot issue online.

After being away from the scene in over a year, AA (Double A) has made its grand return promoting their first single album “OK About It”. During an interview with news outlet StarN, the boys revealed the meaning behind the number ‘22’ in their stage outfits.

AA members explained, “The ‘22’ on the costumes contains a big meaning. When we debuted back in November 2011, the average age of the members was 22.”

They continued, “It’s been three years since we first debuted, but because Joo Won withdrew from the group to debut as an actor, and Jinhong joined as a new member, our average age fell down to 22 again. We feel like we are having a new start.”