5dolls to show innocent image in comeback mini album ‘First Love’

5dolls are coming back with a new mini album titled ‘First Love’.

Having showed their bubbly and vibrant disco flair in their previous single ‘Soulmate #1’, 5dolls will be returning with an innocent image this time for their comeback. In the released teaser photos, the girls are dressed in white and styled with flower wreaths in their hair and light makeup.

The title track of the album is called “Love You, Love You Not”, a medium tempo pop ballad that will usher in the fall season. The album will have seven tracks in total which are the works of superstar composers such as Duble Sidekick and Shinsadong Tiger.

The music video for “ ”Love You, Love You Not” will be revealed September 12 and the full album will be available Septeber 17.