4minute successfully completes solo concert in Australia

Girl group 4minute successfully finished their solo concert in Australia.

On September 1st, 4minute held ‘4MINUTE Party Rock Concert in Australia’ at the Metro Theater in Sydney and had a memorable time with approximately 1,000 local fans. This was not only the stars’ first dedicated concert in the country, but also the first by a K-pop act.

The concert also marked the group’s second visit to greet their Australian fans after they took part in the ‘Sydney K-Pop Music Festival’ in 2011. During the show, 4minute heated up the atmosphere with their hit songs, including “Hot Issue”, “Music” and “Volume Up”.

Their recent popular song, “What’s Your Name?” also received a positive response at the concert as the entire audience sang along with the group. They wrapped up the show with an encore performance of the original version of “Hot Issue”.