SISTAR’s Soyu is frugal due to her tough childhood

SISTAR’s Soyu appears to be the most frugal member of the group, depositing half of her earnings in her savings.

On a recently episode of SBS ‘Incarnation’, SISTAR’s Soyu and Hyorin appeared as guests alongside actor Jung Woong In and actress Lee Yoo Bi. During the show, Soyu talked about the rumors of being the ‘queen of savings’ and said, “If I had $1,000 I would take out $500 and put it away into savings. Although I may not be a VIP bank customer, I do save a lot.”

She said she adopted the saving habit after going through difficult times financially during her childhood. Soyu explained, “I worked various part time jobs during my middle school days. I made my own allowance and spent it. I even got a hairdresser license in 2nd year of middle school. I think I did almost everything except for working at a gas station.”