SHINee’s Minho shines in doctor’s gown for ‘Medical Top Team’

SHINee’s Minho transformed in a good-looking doctor in the latest still cuts for the upcoming MBC drama, ‘Medical Top Team’.

In the photos, Minho donned a white doctor’s gown and showed off his charms with his doctor look. The took place at the Severance Hospital in Sinchon and this particular scene will be aired in the first episode.

Minho commented, “I excitedly finished my first filming. I feel sorry that I couldn’t show my best because of my nervousness, but I’ll continue to work hard in the future.”

In the drama, Minho will play the role of good-natured thoracic surgery specialist Kim Sung Woo, who is the youngest member of the top medical team. He will also be a guardian angel-like presence for his fellow doctor mate Choi Ah Jin who is played by actress Oh Yeon Seo.