NU’EST grants wishes on special event ‘I Hear Your Sleep Talking’

NU’EST recently met up with fans and made their wishes come true with a special comeback event.

On August 14, the group held the ‘I Hear You Sleep Talking’ event to meet with fans before their comeback with third mini album next week. The boys held a surprise birthday party for a lucky fan with a birthday cake, taught “Face” choreography at a youth center and made a suprise visit at a high school with free ice cream.

And for those international and local fans who NU’EST couldn’t personally visit, the group treated them to a series of pictures from the event posted through their official Twitter.

“NU’EST in the midst of ‘I hear your sleeptalking’ attack! Happy birthday~^^
Where are we going to next? Hold tight your phone and wait~”

“Teaching ‘FACE’ choreo point!!! We’ll practice hard to show a good performance ^^”

“‘I hear your sleeptalking’ the last one was ‘Cheering class 2-13 that was frustrated by the heat~’! right? The ice cream was meltedㅜ It was a waste but… We hope meeting with NU’EST will be a good memory to all of you~^_^”

Meanwhile, NU’EST will be returning with the new genre of ‘mystic fantasy’ for its upcoming third mini album ‘Sleep Talking’, which will be released on August 22.