Lee Seung Hwan and YB battle over 2NE1's CL on 'Super Match'

How long is CL's hair as of now? 
On the pilot episode of SBS‘ new competition program, ‘Super Match,’ Lee Seung Hwan and YB had a ‘battle’ over 2NE1′s CL. Both of them want her to be part of their team as the junior singer.
YB explained, “We want a dynamic and ‘full’ stage and we think CL can give (us) that ‘strength’.”
Lee Seung Hwan elucidated, “While energy is always needed in performing, and unfortunately the performance this time around is short, someone else is needed. I think CL has that energy.”
Who will have CL?
written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.net