Lee Jong Seok feels the urge to get married after Lee Bo Young’s engagement

Actor Lee Jong Seok revealed that he wants to get married after learning that his co-star Lee Bo Young was getting married soon.

Lee Jong Seok participated in a pictorial for the fashion magazine, ‘Singles’, and talked about his role of Park Soo Ha in the recently concluded SBS drama ‘I Hear Your Voice’.

When about if there was anything he was particularly pleased about in his drama, the actor humbly said, “I used more emotions than I normally would. I was surprised that I lived my life without expressing these emotions. I guess we are alike in some way, so I could roughly portray his feelings, but I did not do it totally through.”

With his co-star announcing her engagement, Lee Jong Seok added, “I felt the urge to get married when I heard about Lee Bo Young’s engagement”, and expressed that he is also looking forward to his own big day.

Meanwhile, Lee Jong Seok is currently busy filming his movie ‘No Breathing’.