Kangin and Henry showcase mature and sexy charms for ‘ARENA HOMME+’

Super Junior’s Kangin and Henry turned into ‘men of autumn’ in their latest pictorial for fashion magazine ‘ARENA HOMME+’.

The two gentlemen showcased their mature charms in their classy suits and jackets and chic hairstyles. In contrast to the sunny and lively image they show on stage, they appeared more manly and sexy especially Henry who showed off his washboard abs.

In the interview, Kangin said, “I thought I would be an adult while I reach 30 years old, but I still feel like a 20 year old child. I try to be more careful when I say or act something than I was in the past.”

Henry also revealed his thoughts on working in Korea, “I didn’t speak Korean and had no clue about Korean culture so it was hard for me at the beginning. Whenever I was going through a rough time, I usually watch a movie and console myself that the hardship that I am experiencing now isn’t much.”