INFINITE's Sungyeol Likes SNSD's Taeyeon!

Sungyeol chose Taeyeon over Jo Yeojong.

During the August 16th broadcast of SBS Power FM ‘Two O’ Clock Cultwo Show,’ member of boy group INFINITE surprising revenge was aired. One of the guest, Jo Yeojeong, was asked if who she preferred between Oh Jonghyeok and INFINITE's Sungyeol, she said 'Oh Jonghyeok' and explained that she thinks of Sungyeol as her little brother to which Sungyeol replied through phone "This is disappointing."

Ryu Dam then revealed "Why are you disappointed? You like Taeyeon right?". Sungyeol then was asked to choose between Jo Yeojeong and Taeyeon to which he chose Girls' Generation leader Taeyeon, making people burst into laughter because of his revenge.

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