INFINITE’s L perfectly transforms into young So Ji Sub in ‘Master’s Sun’

INFINITE’s L has perfectly transformed into a younger So Ji Sub in the upcoming SBS drama ‘Master’s Sun’.

L will play the young version of So Ji Sub’s character Joo Joong Won and appear in his flashbacks of when he was young. Still cuts from the drama have been released, showing L tied up in a chair, abducted and locked up in a warehouse by unknown people. Even though it was first time for him to have a drama shooting, he perfectly expressed So Ji Sub’s deep eyes.

According to an official, it is said that he concentrated on acting so much that he did not even realize that his wrist and arm skin were getting grazed.

L stated, “When I first encountered the character named Joon Joong Won through the script, I thought he was similar to who I was in high school… He feels very awkward about expressing his emotion, and such a personality makes him to look very cold that is similar to who I am.”

‘Master’s Sun’ will premiere on August 7th at 10 PM (KST).