INFINITE members cry over the misunderstanding about Woollim and SM C&C merger at their concert

Probably heard some negative reactions from fans about their merger with SM Entertainment's SM C&C, INFINITE members opened up and explained everything to their fans regarding the surprising merger at their 'One Great Step' World Tour concert on August 9.

The members admitted that the misunderstanding about future changes caused by the said merger gives pain to their hearts. To clarify everything, the members expressed their own thoughts one by one during their encore stage.

Leader Sunggyu started off  by stating, "Debuted three years ago and coming from below, the reason why Infinite go all the way here is because of our fans. Also,I feel so sorry for the members because I am not enough. A lot of people misunderstood. Infinite team is not going to change. We are still going to provide you good music and you are going to hear great ones. Actually I'm in pain because people misunderstand.  INFINITE is not going to change."

Sungyeol followed up, "We believe in our CEO's decision. Everyone, just believe in us and follow. We will return to you the amount of trust you're going to give". Hoya added, "People might say we failed once we finished our world tour. However, I believe that no matter how big or small we gained, it's not a failure. After the world tour, we will come back in a higher level."

Tearing up, Woohyun also expressed, "We didn't do anything wrong. We just give our best and worked hard from the beginning. We always think about you. So don't misunderstand. Please anticipate as Infinite is going to be bigger."

Sungjong in tears said, "I gained confidence because of you. Hopefully we could stay together like this forever." Dongwoo got emotional while saying, "I told you that I'm zelkova tree. If you think like us as a tree, the factors why we exist are our parents who stand for us like the ground, Woollim Entertainment, who acts like the water that make us work and grow and our fans who are always looking after us like the sun. Some say we're bad and some say we're good. However, we are going to be  better the more you trim us down. We are going to be a big tree that you can find a shelter to rest on."

Finally, L ended, "Frankly, we started off nothing but now we have a lot of good people around us. If we go back from what we were used to be, it won't be bad. However, a person keeps what he has now. I don't even want to think not having you. Each one of you is a treasure."

Infinite members must be in a lot of pain because of a huge misunderstanding. Glad to know that Infinite members themselves made sure that nothing won't change regarding their music. Hopefully, fans and people will be enlightened and continue to support the group.

Source: Naver; various fanaccounts
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