Girls’ Generation members greet Tiffany a happy birthday

Girls’ Generation members showered their love to fellow member Tiffany, who is celebrating her birthday today, through their respective SNS accounts.

On August 1, Jessica posted on Weibo, “Happy birthday t!! today is your day~all yours! thank u for always being such an understanding and lovely friend (now family hehehehe keep up the smile and "loud voice!!!" ;) p.s u make a cool mom for prince! ahem and i make a cool auntie”, and shared a photo of herself and Tiffany together.

Yuri also wrote on her Instagram, “Happy b day tiff ♥ #ImHappyWeWereAbleToBeTogether”, along a photo Tiffany enjoying a simple yet meaningful birthday celebration with Yuri.

Leader Taeyeon also expressed her love with Instagram post, “HappyB-day my american friend♥ #801” as well as posted a series of adorable photos of the much-loved ‘TaeNy’ couple.

Credit: chosshi