Daniel Henny is frustrated over an article linking him to SNSD's Jessica

On August 9, Hollywood actor Daniel Henney expressed his frustration over a misleading article linking him to Girls Generation's Jessica.

Through his official twitter account, he wrote,

"Just to clarify... A lot of articles are bending facts and paraphrasing statements regarding the girls generation Jessica thing..I did imply many of the things stated.. Nor will we be "having babies" anytime soon. I met her once briefly, unfortunately that's being--Greatly exaggerated. I'm now happy and in a relationship... These articles are frustrating.."

The article that he linked was titled "Daniel Henney and Jessica set to make beautiful babies soon", which is definitely an exaggerated one. Moreover, the title is not even related to the article itself.

Source: Daniel Henney's twitter
Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net