CNBlue thank Malaysian fans, promise to come back!

CNBlue successfully ended their Blue Moon Concert in Malaysia on August 24. Before and after the concert, the members went to their official SNS accounts to thank their Malaysian fans.

Jonghyun started off by commenting on Malaysian food and wrote, "I really like Malaysian food as well~ I ate the food prepared yesterday very well. Please enjoy the concert today! Hoot."

Moreover, Minhyuk wrote on their official twitter, "Hello this is Minhyuk. Malaysia World Tour ended! It's our first sol oconcert but it was really fun~! We feel ~~~~gooooooood all throughout the concert !! Let's meet once more next time see you Malaysia!!"

Yonghwa also expressed, "Malaysian fans~~!!! It's me Yonghwa! Wah... It was really fun todayㅜ Thank you for waiting for us patientlyㅜ Again, thanks. By your support we are going to work harder and serve you well as CNBlue. Music makes me high. Thank you!"

Malaysian fans must be happy for the gratitude sent by the boys.