Big Bang’s Seungri reveals “GG BE” is about a girl who broke his heart

Big Bang’s Seungri, who is gearing up for a solo comeback, has introduce another song from his upcoming album.

Seungri revealed that “GG BE”, the third track on second mini album ‘Let’s Talk About Love’, is actually based on his own love experience particularly about a girl who broke his heart.

He explained, “To be upfront, this song is about me. There are many songs about bad girls coming out these days like Bumkey’s ‘Bad Girl’ and CL’s ‘The Baddest Female’. I think this shows that there really has been an increase in the amount of bad girls in this world. It’s not just girls who get tricked by boys, but boys also get tricked by girls.”

“Everything about a certain girl I used to go out with were lies, and whenever I would find out, I would be really shocked. That made us grow tired and act coldly to one another. I got even more angry and felt pathetic that she was just waiting for me to say we should break up.”

Seungri continued, “I put the feelings of pain and anger that she gave me into this song. I needed a tone to go with the men's side so I asked Jennie Kim of the new YG girl group to create a charismatic bridge portion.”

He also left a straightforward message to the girl saying, “I want to say a few words to that girl. You’ll get back as much as you've done. Listen to this song and get your head straight.”