B.A.P gets ready for the war on “Badman” MV teaser

Getting ready to make an official comeback, B.A.P has just unveiled a music video teaser for upcoming third title track, “Badman”!

Unlike the casual, flower-boy image from first two title tracks, B.A.P will showcase its trademark fierce and powerful looks once again for ‘Badman’ comeback. The upcoming blockbuster music video was filmed in Detroit, the same filming location as the movie ‘Transformers’, and is directed by Hong Won Ki of ZanyBros.

‘Badman’ will consist of six tracks, including the two pre-released title tracks “Coffee Shop” and “Hurricane” as well as the third title track of the same name which has been revealed to be written by Bang Yong Guk. The mini album is set to be released on August 6.

Check out the teaser below: