Ailee’s Q&A on Ryeowook’s Kiss the Radio shared!

Ailee's Q&A on Ryeowook’s Kiss the Radio yesterday's episode was uploaded on Youtube plus the English translation of their conversation. Listen and read below:

2:49 – 4:05
R: I expected first place with U&I.
A: No.
R: I tend to confess my love first.
A: Yes.
R: I’ve been asked out by a male celeb more than 3 times. 
A: Yes.
R: I have a place (body part) that I want to fix (surgery).
A: Yes.
R: Between Ryeowook and Jin Ho, I want to sing a duet with Jin Ho.
A: Yes. Hahaha.
R: I am more attracted to bad guys than nice guys.
A: No.
R: I search my name up on search engine more than once a day.
A: Yes~ hahaha.
R: In a relationship, I tend to get clingy.
A: Uhh.. yes.
R: Park Gwangsun from Ulala Session who showed interest in Ailee, honestly I feel overwhelmed.
A: No.
R: Awhile ago I chose Infinite’s Nam Woohyun as my ideal type and I have his number.
A: Y y… hahah what the.. what is this?! Hahaha yes.
R: I can tolerate insomnia but I can’t tolerate being hungry.
A: Yes.
R: Like on stage, the real me is closer to sexy than innocent.
A: No.
R: I have a desire to act.
A: Yes.
R: If I had to choose between work and love I’d choose work.
*ran out of time but Ailee chose work*
R: Most girls choose love.
A: Then what am I? Hahaha.
8:23 – End
R: So we looked through Jin Ho’s blunt questions. Ailee has them too right?
A: Yes yes.
R: Questions that were uncomfortable.
A: Huh?
R: Okay Infinite, first let’s start with Infinite.
R: How do you know his contact?
A: Well you know as we’ve been performing together a lot, I got closer to all of them. So like not only Nam
Woohyun-ssi but with like others.
R: Like Sunggyu-ssi.
A: Yes.
R: L-ssi
A: Yes. Well Sunggyu and I are same age.
R: Oh, well you were in Immortal Songs with him.
A: Yes we did Immortal Songs too and we are also friends. For me, he is also a sunbae too. But we are…
R: Because you guys are friends.
A: We are just close co-workers/co-singers. But.. haha they asked me to choose one among Infinite members.
R: Ahh so you just said Nam Woohyun-ssi was your ideal type?
A: Yes but that wasn’t true.
R: Ahh lucky him. Woohyun must be happy.
A: But for us it was awkward haha.
R: Ahh both of you guys?
A: Yes it got really awkward.
R: Ahh you said that because you guys are close friends.
A: Yes.
R: Ahh and what else are there? Ahh so you seach up your name more than once?
A: Hahaha yes these days more frequently. Well, like “Am I doing well these days?” haha.
R: Hahaha you sure are honest.
J: Very honest.
R: Jin Ho, do you do that too?
J: Yes I do.
A: Ahh really?
R: Well Jin Ho is a common name.
J: It’s a really common name.
R: The name “Ryeowook” is nowhere to be seen. If you look up Ryeowook, only I come out. I have a friend
named Jin Ho too.
J: There are a lot. Even around me.
A: For me, when I type my name, things like “space monsters” or “alien” pops up as the related words and
when I write my name, it’s “a-lee” and then “an” at the end haha.
R: Ahh alien.
A: Yes so “alien” kept on popping up.
R: Ahhh like playing with names and stuff.
A: So yeah haha. Oh but it’s gotten better these days. So I’m satisfied hahaha.
J: Because Ailee has gotten popular these days.
A: Hahaha.
R: But if you ask the search engine to not let them pop up, then they do it foryou.
A: Oh really??
R: Yeah they do it for you
J: Ahh you know it very well.
A: Ahh~
R: Yes haha I did that couple of times haha.
A: Ohhh really??
R: Yes just tell me. I’ll take care of them ALL.
R: And I have a place that I want to fix or get plastic surgery.
A: Yes.
R: This will be the last one we’ll look at. Where?
A: Ohh my cheekbone is…
R: Aigoo the cheekbones.
J: Hmm that’s attractive though.
A: When I smile especially…
R: Like the eggs on your face…
A: Oh it’s like eggs… are on top there.
R: Your face is so small so…
J: Yes so it looks very blissful.
A: Ah does it really?
R: Your face is very round.
A: For me.. it’s a complex.
A: Oh and I want to get eye surgery (double eyelids).
R: Double eyelids? you have it already.
A: Yeah I do have it, but sometimes when I’m tired or stressed…
R: Oh it disappears?
A: No no no.
A: It doesn’t disappear completely, it’s only one eye hahaha if both disappears, I can try to
fix it with make up, but when only one side ddisappears or when the eyelids gets folded three times. So I
get stressed out.. because I’m a female celeb.
R: So here we will listen to Ailee sing U&I live. We’ll begin with an applaud. U&I!!
Meanwhile, Ailee is confirmed to debut in Japan under Warner Music Japan in September.
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