4 Minute's HyunA's fashion sense raided!

Let's take a look at 4Minute's HyunA's fashion taste.

Starting with her nails. Unlike the old fashion statement that all fingers have the same color, today you can do avantgarde on your nails. HyunA was able to express her creativeness on her phalanges. Her left fingers used color blue and yellow on the right. But showed different designs. She definitely 'nailed' it!

Lezz go up. The in style on today's gen is a no-comb hair fashion. HyunA accessorized that with a beaded hair tie (or something else). 

Top to toe. What is in today is a beggarish-style apparel. Clothes has either symmetric or asymmetric wholes, and even torn and wash-out. HyunA humbly swagged that hobo-ish fashion!

How about you? What fashion do you wear?

written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.net