XIA Junsu reveals D-1 teaser photo for 'Incredible'

XIA (Junsu) is going to release his 2nd album 'Incredible' on July 15 together with the MV. To treat the fans, they've uploaded a D-1 teaser photo showing Junsu with his back up dancers.

JYJ's facebook staff wrote,

After 24hours!! July 15th 12 p.m.(Korea time)!! XIA(JUNSU)’s second album ‘Incredible’ will be released through music websites and Itunes. And don’t forget ‘Incredible’ M/V is released together!
There will be a live showcase on the 15th at 7pm Korea time and we will be introducing each channel through Facebook and Line.
XIA(JUNSU) just flew in from Europe yesterday and we will be closing this event with one final question, which comes from Esra Öztürk from Turkey.
"There was a rather funny incident when I was recording the song, "This song is funny". Even though I wrote the song myself, I couldn't help but laugh when I was recording in the studio. This was a pretty big problem at one point but having completed the album now, I feel most proud of this song in this album. At places that aren't so familiar with the Korean language, it may even become a popular club song. Please look forward to my album tomorrow!"
20130715. He's back!
Asia fans!! (Korea, Japan, China, Philippines, Malaysia.. etc.), North America, Peru, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Australia, Morocco, Russia, Poland, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Germany.. fans all over the world.. Thank you for joining this event! 
Source: JYJ Facebook account