What could Shinhwa teach Backstreet Boys?

Shinhwa, the oldest K-Pop idol group who debuted in 1998, was mentioned in an article of Amy He of ‘The Atlantic’, an American magazine, entitled ‘What the Backstreet Boys Could Learn from K-Pop‘.

Amy He wrote, "Shinhwa, the Korean equivalent of the Backstreet Boys". In terms of number of years in the music industry, Shinhwa is just five years younger than Backstreet Boys. But He realizes that Backstreet Boys, may be the longest running group in the history of all boy bands, can learn something from the younger Shinhwa in terms of strategies in coming back.

The article talked about how Backstreet Boys is having a hard time gaining new fans after their return unlike Shinhwa who made their comeback in 2012 after a four year hiatus and still managed to gain new supporters.

Amy He wrote, “What the Backstreet Boys can learn from Shinhwa, then, is to get over the awkwardness of being grown men in a boy band and embrace the jokes thrown their way.”

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written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.net
SOURCE: theatlantic