UEE shows alluring pictorial for ‘VOGUE Korea’

After School’s lovely member UEE becomes the center of attention with her alluring pictorial for the latest edition of fashion magazine, ‘VOGUE Korea’.

The group recently returned and captured the public with its unique and amazing pole dance concept, and for UEE’s new pictorial, she held the shoot at merry-go-round at an amusement park and utilized the pole of a carousel like a part of After School’s latest choreography.

UEE also shared, “People associate ‘pole dancing’ with clubs but we call it ‘pole art’. If the song is made with loud beat sound, we thought it will remind people of club mood so we chose a vague song instead. We thought pole dancing was easy but it was so difficult that some of us cried and had bruises all over. But as I practiced hard, I was eventually able to perform the moves to the audience.”