Teen Top Niel shows his skinny body and delicate leg line

Teen Top Niel reveals his skinny body and delicate leg line on the July 7th episode of MBC's Blind Test 180 degrees.

On the said episode, Niel and 2AM Jinwoon are on the same team. They are sitting next to each other and both idols are wearing black t-shirts and shorts.

One of the hosts noticed the difference between Jinwoon's and Niel's legs. It appeared that Niel's leg is too delicate and skinny for a man compared to Jinwoon's muscled leg.

Fans also noticed as he went to the pool and stood on the surfing board to do jumping rope. Because his shirt was wet, his skinny body was clearly exposed and to this netizens commented, "Wow! Niel's body is really skinny.","Somehow, for a girl like me,I envy his skinny body.","He has slender leg.","He looks hot and cute when he's wet." and so on.

Watch his cuts below:

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Source: MBCEnt Youtube and happyniel816 Youtube
Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net