Supreme Team disbands, E-Sens leaves Amoeba Culture

E-Sens was revealed to be no longer affiliated with Amoeba Culture, leading to the disbandment of the hip hop duo, Supreme Team.

The duo’s agency Amoeba Culture confirmed, Kang Min Ho (E-Sens) was notified of his contract cancellation on the 19th. E-Sens is no longer an artist on our label. We have parted ways because our ways of thinking about music are different. The other member Simon D plans to continue promoting with Amoeba Culture.”

E-Sens later updated his Twitter, “I received the notification of my contract cancellation today. I’m going to promote as a soloist.”

Simon D also tweeted, “That was the only way for E-Sens to become happy, and I respect that decision. It’s just that we’re not the same team anymore, but our relationship of over 10 years has definitely not changed. Since we’re now solo artists, we’ll now be able to show what we do best in I.K.”