SHINee's Jonghyun clears misunderstanding about his comment on Girl's Day Yura

SHINee's Jonghyun explained his comment that he made about Girl's Day Yura when he called in to Shindong on radio broadcast. He said, “I decided to contact you immediately while listening… I’m a big fan of Girl’s Day‘s Yura. I’m here at the parking lot, but I'm still in the car because I’m still listening to ‘Shimshimtapa‘,” 
That comment caused some fans to feel devastated and made crazy actions.
Jonghyun tweeted to clear the misunderstanding, ”It never came in my mind that a day would come where I’d have to explain something on SNS… I said that as a support… The comment that I was listening to ShimTa after I parked meant that I always do that because it’s so fun… I didn’t send a message in to ShimTa, but used KakaoTalk chat with the PD. I think there was a misunderstanding because after I said it, the explanation was left out since it was a live broadcast!
Jonghyun added,  ”Girl’s Day, fighting! Dal Shabet, fighting! Nine Muses, fighting! Crayon Pop, fighting! Every girl group in Korea, fighting!! 

After the above comment, he said, "Fighting to the boy groups, too!!!! I don’t want to get scolded for leaving them out again kekekeke“.

         보이그룹도 화이팅! ! ! ! 빼먹었다고 또 혼날라ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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SOURCE: @realjonghyun90