Rainbow's Woori and B1A4's Gongchan can be a couple?

The birth of Woori-Gongchan couple was predicted in the latest episode of MBC ‘Blind Test 180. Idols such as MBLAQ, Rainbow, and B1A4 appeared as guests.They learned how to be masters of good judging.

During the filming, the guests are very loud and active. However, they got very serious when they talked about who has a good eye towards opposite sex. MC Park Misun said, "Is anyone here good at looking towards opposite sex?"

In response to this, Jaekyung suddenly commented, "Woori likes younger boys." Boom then asked Woori, "Then what do you think about B1A4's maknae Gongchan?"

However, someone opposed and said, "It can't be! She can't with that boy (Gongchan). Who is she? Can you guess?