Park Ki Woong reveals something about him and Ailee

Park Ki Woong revealed something about his post supporting Ailee's comeback which drew rumors about him and Ailee.

It started when Park Ki Woong posted a tweet cheering Ailee (using her Korean name) for her new song. It raised questions about how close the two are and whether they are dating.

Ailee shared that she never met Park Ki Woong. She said, "I was also surprised when I saw articles that he is supporting me. I learned that he is a close friend of my manager and a big fan of mine. So I really appreciate that."

On the side of Park Ki Woong, he also seemed a little bit puzzled by Ailee's statement. He revealed on his latest tweet about this issue," Ah, about yesterday's happening ^^;; Ailee's reps were the ones who approached me to promote her making it seems like she and I are close. The articles about my post made me confused. However, Ailee personally called me and we talked it over. I still support her nevertheless! U&I is good ^^".   

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SOURCE: My Daily