MONSTAR's Haneul Talks About BEAST's Junhyung!

MONSTAR's Kang Haneul thinks that BEAST's Yong Junhyung is a work of art.

Kang Haneul and Yong Junhyun are casts in 'Monstar'. Haneul feels like he is meeting his friends when going to film the drama. Haneul talked about his co-star Junhyung, he said "Junhyung is a piece of art, he is really good at acting. I thought he was snob and hard to approach because of his popularity but I was wrong, he approached me first and I was really happy."

Junghyung and Haneul has hyung-dongsaeng relationship as Junhyung was born earlier. "It was awkward to call him hyung so when I first met him I asked him about the formalities he then said to just drop it." Haneul concluded.

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