miss A’s Suzy reveals her ideal type among actors

miss A’s Suzy, who has graduated from being the ‘Nation’s First Love’ to the ‘Nation’s Star’, appeared as guest on the July 29th episode of SBS TV ‘Healing Camp’ and opened up the ideal man in her life.

To find out about her ideal type, the MCs decided to play a game of Ideal Type World Cup that includes many famous celebrities, such as Song Seung Hun, Jung Woo Sung, Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Seung Gi, Kang Dong Won and more. Suzy answered every question with intent from start to finish, and grabbed everyone’s attention.

In the end, Suzy picked Kang Dong Won as her number one ideal type. She also sent a video message saying, “Sunbaenim, please take care of your health and I’m cheering for you.”