LU:KUS breaks silence with a cover dance video of Justin Bieber's 'As Long as You Love Me'

LU:KUS broke their silence with an upload of a cover video of Justin Bieber‘s ‘As Long As You Love Me’.

LU:KUS performed with synchronized dance moves that wowed fans. Some commented, "WOAH! That was awesome! So powerful and clean! LU:KUS fighting!"; "/screams uncontrollably. They were so good! I can't wait for their debut... Whenever it is... Wasn't it supposed to be last month?"; and "X-5's disbandment was such a nightmare for me T__T but this is so amazing~ Im looking forward to lu:kus' debut!!!! fighting!!!<3"
LU:KUS, which consists J.One (Haewon), Donghyun, Jinwan (former members of X-5), Kyungjin and Choi, will debut under Box Media. They were supposed to debut in April but it was postponed due to unknown reasons.
 LU:KUS reads as“Look Us”, which means “look at us”.
Watch it below:

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