Lee Byung Hun and Jun Ji Hyun to receive Producer’s Choice Award at ‘PiFan’

Lee Byung Hun and Jun Ji Hyun will receive the Producer’s Choice accolade at this year’s Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (PiFan).

According to the PiFan organizing committee on July 10, the two actors were chosen as the winners of the Producer’s Choice Award. The two stars are the unanimous choices for this year because they have proven their great acting skills as well as their ticket power.

Lee Byung Hun was recognized for his work with Hollywood action films ‘Red 2’ and ‘G.I.Joe 2’ as well as ‘Masquerade’, while Jun Ji Hyun’s work with ‘Berlin’ and ‘The Thieves’ was also acknowledged.

The two will also attend the red carpet event of the 17th PiFan opening in Puchon city at 6PM KST on July 18.