Kyuhyun reveals 4-minute is scary but he likes Hyuna

Super Junior Kyuhyun has revealed that he likes 4-minute Hyuna.

On July 4th episode of Happy Together 3, Super Junior Kyuhyun and 4-minute Hyuna were part of the idol guests. In this broadcast, Kyuhyun expressed his likeness towards 4-minute's Hyuna.

When he was asked to impersonate Sung ShiKyung, KyuHyun hesitated. However, when Hyuna said ‘It would be good’, Kyuhyun quickly did the impersonation.

In addition to that, he revealed that 4-minute is a scary girl group. He shared that he usually doesn't use formalities when talking to girl groups except 4-minute which he finds scary. When MCs teased him, "Is it because you like Hyuna?". Kyuhyun admitted, "I think that could be the reason. I think it's 90% true," and caused laughter in the set.