John Park wants to have a duet with 2NE1's CL

Singer John Park revealed that he wanted to have a duet with 2NE1's CL.

On the July 9th episode of MBC Radio FM4U’s ‘This is Kim Shin Young  Songs of Hope at Noon’, John Park was asked a question which he needed to answer quickly. In response to the question, 'To whom you want to have a duet with?" He immediately answered 2NE1, particularly CL.

On the same day, Music Farm Entertainment explained to StarNews the reason behind why John Park chose CL, is because he looks up to CL and finds her very talented. They also revealed that even off-cam, he praises her and expresses his desire to have a duet with her."

Meanwhile, John Park is currently promoting his single 'Baby' from his album ‘INNER CHILD’ which was released on July 3.

Source: StarNews
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