CCM announces change of lineup for T-ara, 5Dolls, The SEEYA and SPEED

Following the shocking departure of Areum from T-ara, Core Contents Media also revealed its future plans for T-ara, 5Dolls, The SEEYA and SPEED.

According to the agency, SPEED will be adding two new members to the group. Two new members Taemin and Sangwon will be joining the 7-member group and will return with a new concept together.

CCM is also currently planning on introducing their long term trainee Dani into T-ara N4 for their U.S. activities and the rest of their domestic activities. And for the whole group, T-ara will have to promote as a six-member group for the time being.

On the other hand, 5Dolls, who will be making a comeback late July, will also gain two new members following Shannon and Jihyun’s departure. Shannon is now preparing for a solo debut, while Ji Hyun will debut with another group. Filling their spots in the group are Seung Hee, winner of the 2012 Chunhyang Contest, and Yeon Kyung of The SEEYA. Yeon Kyung will be active in both The SEEYA and 5Dolls.

What do you think of the new lineup?