BEAST members' 'thoughtful' bracelets are actually from fans

BEAST members have shown once again the influence and importance of their fans' deeds for them.

Recently, Yang Yoseob has become a topic for wearing 'Comfort Women' bracelet. He revealed that he is quite embarrassed to be the center of attraction as 'thoughtful-idol'. He pointed out the the bracelets are actually from their fans and they are very thankful to receive such meaningful gifts.

He added that he is not the only one wearing these kinds of bracelets.In fact, other idols and members such Son Dongwoon and Lee Kikwang wore Africa poverty-eradication bracelets on the recent episode of ‘Happy Together’.

To this, BEAST's leader Yoon Doojoon also stated, "I've read about the issue of Yoseob wearing 'Comfort Women' bracelets. Actually these are good deeds made by our fans." He humbly explained. He also added that since these kind of presents are something meaningful, they've decided to wear them.

BEAST members must be proud of their fans.