B2ST makes grand comeback with successful solo concert

B2ST recently launched their new album and they made their grand return with successful solo concert over the weekend.

The group held a special comeback concert ‘2013 Beautiful Show’ for 2 days from July 20 to 21 at Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul, where they stormed the stage in from of 25,000 cheering fans.

B2ST opened up the concert with the group’s ‘Iris 2’ OST “Black Paradise” followed by many of their hit songs including their popular title songs such as “Midnight”, “Breath”, “Beautiful Night”, “Beautiful”, “Fiction” and “Shock”, showcasing charismatic performances.

The boys performed solo as well as duo tracks on stage. In particular, the unit duo Yoon Doojoon with his keyboard and Yong Junhyung with his new style draw the most attention as the two sang “I am a Man” and surprised fans with their show of skill.

Fans had especially been looking forward to the concert for the group’s performance of its new songs. B2ST performed their newest title song, “Shadow”, and filled the whole stadium with loud cheers and screams.