B1A4 sells out all tickets for second solo concert

The boys of B1A4 have sold out all the tickets for their upcoming second solo concert.

According to the concert organizer CJ E&M, all 10,000 tickets were sold out for B1A4’s second solo concert “2013 B1A4 Limited Show Amazing Store” just a few minutes after sales began. The concert will be held at the Uniqlo AX from August 7 to 11.

In December last year, the group held their exclusive concert for the first time 500 days since their debut, and the tickets for the 12,000 seats available sold out in five minutes.

A representative from CJ E&M stated, “B1A4 dominates with fierce power while the overall concert scene is suffering in the economic slump.”

Under the story telling concept, the concert will be decorated with toys, presenting a whole new concept. The performances will have a story line, making the concert resemble a musical.