Areum warns people who spread rumor regarding her drop out from T-ara

Since the announcement regarding Areum dropping out of T-ara has been made on July 10, rumors about the reason still surfaced.

Even though Areum already stated her reason, which is to pursue a solo career, netizens still persistent whether she had some trouble with group members, tangling her drop out from Hwayoung's departure in August 2012.

Areum denied it and wrote on her SNS, "You didn't even witness it in person and you didn't even hear it from me. Shouldn't you do it or not?" She continued, "Whoever can bring me the person who spread this rumor, contact me and I'll treat you a meal," suggesting how serious she is.

She finally sent a warning that says no one is allowed to disturb anyone from her agency, Core Contents Media and won't explain any further regarding her departure.