Ailee's 'A’s Doll House' outdoes previous album

Ailee came back with a bang!
After she released her 2nd mini-album A’s Doll House” with 'U and I' as its title track, the demand for her album skyrocketed!
Aside from “U and I” landing the number one spot on seven music charts shortly after it was released, the demand for the album is very high . According to a representative from Ailee's agency, Windmill Media, her current album outdone her previous album in terms of sales, The new album's sale is many times greater than the previous albums. It’s shocking and very unusual that all of them were sold out on its first day.
Ailee was grateful, “I didn’t think of receiving much love and support for my comeback. No words can translate my gratitude. Actually, I was really upset because I hurt my ankle but because of everyone’s love, I feel better. I will be better soon and be able to show everyone my best.”
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SOURCE: Sports World