4minute's Nam Jihyun is the most popular in clubs?

Among 4minute members,Nam Jihyun emerged as the most popular in clubs. It was revealed on the July 13th appearance of the group at Super Junior's Kiss The Radio.

When DJ Ryeowook asked, "Who is the most popular in club." Hyuna quickly answered, "JiHyun eonnie."

Hyuna added, "We come to clubs together. Whenever we're there, guys come over and tried to put their hands around Jihyun eonnie. To prevent that, I stick to her side and protect her."

Nam JiHyun explained, "They approached me because they couldn't recognized I'm a member of 4minute. I don't know if it's advantage or not." DJ Ryeowook said, "It's good! You'll be alright with your marriage in the future," caused laughter on the set.