4MINUTE's JiHyun Is The Most Popular in Clubs?

Nam JiHyun is the most popular in clubs according to her fellow members.

Girl group 4MINUTE was on 'Kiss the Radio'. During the broadcast, the girls were asked by DJ Ryeowook if who was the most popular 4MINUTE member in clubs, Hyuna answered 'JiHyun unnie' without hesitation. Hyune then said "We've been to clubs and guys would approached her and linked their hands around's JiHyun's. To protect her, I was just on her side." to which JiHyun replied "It was because they didn't know I am in 4MINUTE. Is it a good thing?". Ryeowook said "It is, you don't have to worry when you marry" making everyone laugh.

Would you love to meet 4MINUTE members in clubs?

Written by: angelclowie18@dkpopnews.net