2NE1's CL, "I'd rather die together with Dara"

2NE1's Dara revealed how CL stands as the group's leader.

On the recent broadcast of 'Incarnation', Dara shared, "Wherever 2NE1 goes, there are unfortunate things happened. Two years ago, we were in Japan. When 9scale Tohoku earthquake occured, I was alone on the 34th floor of the building. I was so scared that time. As for myself, I usually endure things like this but that time it was really serious so I tried to move and asked for help but unfortunately, there was no one around."

CL added, "The building's wall was cracking. The windows were shaking and even the phone lines were cut off."

Dara continued. "I called and CL answered. I panicked when I was talking to her, but she told me to calm down and stay where I was, telling me that she'll come to me right away. She really did come and saved me. We went down together from 34th floor using stairs while the building was shaking."

CL expressed, "I thought of if we were going to die, then it's better to die together that's why I went to look for her."

How lucky 2NE1 is to have a strong leader like CL.

Watch the clip below: