YG’s two boy groups to battle for a debut

YG Entertainment’s representative, Yang Hyun Suk, has recently detailed plans on YG’s two new boys groups and its debut through a post on the company’s official YG-Life blog.

According to Yang Hyun Suk, there are two boy groups in preparation at YG Entertainment with Superstar K’s Kang Seung Yoon, K-Pop Star’s Lee Seung Hoon and rapper B.I. who featured in MC Mong’s “Indian Boy” in 2009.

The two groups are currently referred to as ‘A’ and ‘B’, and they will be facing each other in the survival competition program called ‘WIN’. The winning team of the show will be named as “Winner” and they will get to debut on the day after the last episode airs.

The show will air one episode every week for 10 weeks starting from the second week of July.

Check out more detailed plans here.

Meanwhile, Yang Hyun Suk has also revealed that he would be releasing more details about Big Bang next week.