Yesung reveals two ID pictures 'Yesung&Kim Jongwoon'

Super Junior Yesung, who is currently serving his 2 years mandatory service, updates fans through twitter. On June 7, he tweeted two ID pictures which he labeled "2012 Yesung, and 2013 Kim Jongwoon".

The first photo shows Yesung having his blond hair which was taken during Super Junior's 2012 promotions. On the other hand, the second photo shows the present Kim Jongwoon (Yesung's real name) in his shaved head.

Fans quickly get the meaning behind and they commented, "You'll always be our Yesung forever Kim Jongwoon!","You'll be Kim Jongwoon for 2 years but we will wait for Yesung after that.","Kim Jongwoon fighting!","You look so good in short hair!"

Source: Yesung's twitter
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