Yedang Entertainment's Chairman Byun Doo Sub real cause of death revealed

Yedang Entertainment's Chairman Byun Doo Sub shocked many of us with his sudden death last week.

It was initially announced that his death was due to exhaustion, but sadly it has been confirmed as a suicide.

Here's an original statement from an agency representative:

"Chairman Byun's death was due to suicide. He had been suffering from a chronic depression, and suffered from insomnia recently. At first, we had no way of knowing what the exact cause of death was, it was a decision to declare that it was due to exhaustion to protect his honor after discussing with his family."

Chairman Byun Doo Sub's funeral was held on June 6.

In the behalf of Daily Kpop News, we are extending our condolences to his loved ones. Chairman Byun Doo Sub, may you rest in peace.

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SOURCE: nate