Taemin insists 'kiss' to NaEun on WGM!

SHINee's Taemin gets a little cheeky on the latest episode of We Got Married.

A-Pink's NaEun prepared a surprise gift for Taemin in celebration of the Coming of Age Day.

NaEun lets Taemin guess the surprise gift by writing it down on a paper. Taemin, on the other hand, keeps on asking clue questions and ended up writing the English word 'Kiss', which made NaEun giggle. Unfortunately, NaEun said it wasn't correct that made her onscreen partner disappointed.

Taemin tried again and insists that his present is kiss, writing its Korean word on the paper. NaEun couldn't stop laughing while saying it wasn't and persistent Taemin did his last resort when he wrote 'popo' which means kiss in Korea. NaEun then asked, "So this is what you want?" and made Taemin blushed.

On the interview, Taemin couldn't move on and becomes so giddy when he says, "That moment, I think I became pervert." and giggles.

At the end, NaEun's gift is revealed to be a bungee jumping.

Watch the cute clip below:

Do we expect a skinship from this cute couple soon?

Source: MBCentertainment@YT
Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net